Rauschen 16 V2, C-Print, 150 x 180 cm, 1998

On the search for genuine forms of photographic expression my artistic endeavor has led me to the boundaries of the medium, that is, to the frontiers between photography and painting. However astonishing or puzzling from the viewer's perspective the proximity of the resulting photographs may be to painting, these works are always created with strictly photographic means.

This fundamental underlying approach has been applied equally to the succession of my most recent photographic works. In the cycle of works entitled `Rustling' for the first time methods of electronic editing were applied, a step which touches the boundaries of the world of computer-generated pictures. At the same time, here the incisions or interference with the computer, profoundly different from the far-reaching picture manipulations and compositions used in advertising and electronic mass media, remain highly marginal. The abiding fundamentals and principal pictorial elements remain the analogue photographic image, which has merely changed in color, enhanced or expanded through vertical lines by applying computerized technological

Yet, in spite of their photographic origin, in their final result, these images receive elements of computer generated work, which follows a trajectory along the boundaries of the two media of photography and computer art.

Frank Baquet
About the cycle of works "Rustling"

(Image: Rustling 16V2, C-Print, 150 x 180 cm, 1998)

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